Independence Day Celebrations - 2016

August 15, 2016

Independence day celebration on August 15th 2016.

"Where the mind is without fear and the Head is held high Where knowledge is free Into that heaven of freedom, My Father, Let my country awake".With these liberating words we step across with aplomb into the threshold of 70th Independence Day of our Mother Land. Kite flying done by our principal madam. That kite flying was organized for the parents and students of Seedling. Everyone participated with great zeal and excitement. The old and the young alike came forward to join this traditional activity of Kite Flying.

Our Highlights

  • Montessori

    Fully equipped with play materials and library

  • Smart Class

    Digitilized class helps to learn lively and easily

  • Multmedia Lab

    Enter into the World of information with joyous

  • Language Lab

    Helps to learn, speak correctly and fluently

  • Transport

    Sophisticated new vechicles to ensure safety


Motivational program

Motivational program